Coast Guard Festival

The 'I' in COAST GUARD CITY on the hill went out the next day when all ariel shots were taken.

I was asked to help design the show this year by Brad Boyink, and Roger Jonas. Before I knew it, they allowed me the freedom to design the show in a new, unique way that would impress everyone.


Averaging 350,000 people in attendance the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival honors the Coast Guard with a fountain/fireworks show at the end of the week long festival. 


I introduced intelligent lighting, pixels, and worked closely with the fireworks company. Needless to say, as with any big production, on the morning of the Fireworks day - the computer that runs the whole show was not working. 40 minutes before we were supposed to start the show, we found a "solution", pressed play, said a prayer, and went outside.      


-- Everything went perfect --

The whole portion after the fountain was programmed by Pyrotechnico. Watching the entire show on my website will make you understand why they are the best.

Roger Jonas


Matt Phipps

Director/Light​ Sequencing/Soundtrack

Ryan Strayhorn

Water Sequencing/Assistant Director


Pyrotechnics handlers/pyrotechnics Sequencing

Brad Boyink

Water Sequencing/Creative Consultant