From Water and Fire - to - Fountain and Fireworks

         Shortly after moving to Michigan my new boss, Brad Boyink, said that he had a project for me as a 'welcome to the city'.


I didn't know what I was in for. Shortly after, I was introduced to the man that was in charge of making sure the right people are in place to design a fireworks show for the biggest festival in Michigan. I was asked to help create the audio track, and program the city's Fountain, which is always displayed before the fireworks.


(Check out this facebook video from inside the musical fountains' bunker. --->)

      Before I knew it they were giving me freedom to design the show in a new, unique way that the city has never seen before. I introduced intelligent lighting, pixels, and worked closely with the fireworks company. Getting the opportunity to work with one of the best fireworks companies, Pyrotechnico, was a pleasure. I was able to tell them what effects I was looking for, and they creatively brought a fantastic effect. The whole portion after the fountain was programmed by Pyrotechnico and watching the show will make you understand why they are the best. 

​      I found an inexpensive way to get our hands on 6 intelligent lights. With the pixel lights from our Christmas Display we outlined a 30ft tall anchor, and "hollywood" style letters that are a centerpiece of the festival. It was at about this time that I realized I had volunteered myself for a much bigger show than expected.

​            With an average attendance of 350,000 people, Coast Guard Festival is a huge celebration honoring the Coast Guard that all leads up to the fountain/fireworks show at the end. ​Needless to say, as with any big production, on the morning of the Fireworks day - the computer that runs the whole show was not working. 40 minutes before we were supposed to start the show, we found a "solution", pressed play, said a prayer, and went outside.       -- Everything went perfect --

    From designing the sound track, layout - to - installing, programming, and lots of stress; it finally was over. Luckily, I made sure that It was filmed in HD from every angle.

Like I promised: A front row seat to one of my productions from the comfort of wherever you happen to be.  (Click Below)