A Decade of Light Shows

In 2006 I started a light show on my parents house in Dublin, CA.

In 2009 my family moved to Livermore

and Livermore Lights was created.

In 2014 our house was recommended to be on the Great Christmas Light Fight by Jeff Holmes, a former lighting fanatic.

The light show was accepted, and we ended up winning our episode! 

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After winning the Great Christmas Light Fight, I was hired to develop products for a startup in Michigan. After a year of work, I realized that this was not the field I wanted to pursue. 

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I now have started a brand new Christmas Light Drive through in San Jose, CA called Christmas Magic.

So... Is Livermore Lights coming back?

Livermore Lights has been a fantastic, creative outlet that has created family traditions and brought joy, wonder and amazement to thousands of people.


I am working on expanding myself as a lighting designer, and Livermore Lights is permanently moving.

When I say that Livermore Lights is moving, I mean that Livermore Lights is changing Venues.


Where my creative outlet was a Light display that can only be seen by people in Livermore, I am expanding my productions to reach a bigger audience.


Even though there are no lights in Livermore right now, I promise to provide you a front row view to all of my productions from the comfort of wherever you happen to be.

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