What was The Great Christmas Light Fight like?

       I recieved a call from one of my good friends, Jeff Holmes, who told me that he was called by the casting company for a reality show called "The Great Christmas Light Fight". He said he had given them my number and that they would be calling me any second. Sure enough, a casting agent for ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight" called me! After signing a few documents, we waited in anticipation for six months until we got the e-mail saying we were officially on the show!

     The entire process really makes you feel like you built friendships with the film and production crew. They were happily welcomed into our home like family. Working with our judge, Taniya Nayak, was such a pleasure! She has the most contagious smile, and has the exact same personality on camera as she does off. While talking about off camera I want to recognize, in particular, our producer Marcy Walton. She made an extra effort every day to make sure everything looked perfect!

      From setting up our entire christmas show in the middle of summer to keeping our composure when the film crews arrived, being on the show was an experience all of us will never forget.


As it always goes we literally finished our display the day before Taniya arrived to judge our display. (The morning of the judging day, i woke up to a main power distribution that had fried)

 After judging night was over - then the wait came to find out if we won.


To all of our surprise Taniya showed up at our front door, and awarded us the Trophy!

It still feels surreal. Being on the show has opened a lot of doors for me and is something I would do again in a heartbeat. 

See the show that won!